It is a sad evening at Paradise Farm. The piglets escaped again today and it is almost 8pm and they haven’t returned. The other evenings we always found them asleep in their house when we went to check. How they escaped, we have no idea. Rob installed metal sheets along the entire bottom of the fenced area, there is no way they can lift those sheets with their snouts and get out.

It is partly my fault. I didn’t connect the electric fence properly this morning at 7am when I was letting them out of their house into the electric fenced area (which are both still inside the metal fenced area). Klara was screaming at me to pick her up while I was doing the daily 6am; let the chickens out, take the dogs out to do their business, let the pigs out. Normally Klara isn’t there but since Rob was up at 3:30 to let the new puppy, Summer, out, and there was no alarm re-set, I didn’t wake up on time and Klara woke us up.

But still, even escaping the electric fence, they should have been stopped by the metal fence. If they did escape and get killed by a cougar, bear, racoon or who knows what – can we get new piglets? Won’t they escape in the same mysterious way? If we keep a dog with them to keep them company it should help but now Summer is too small and Eva is too active and would scare them away.

The neighbours have lost 15 chickens to hawks and racoons. We are used to losing chickens too but pigs are a different story. So sad.

EDIT: Wrote on a local Facebook group that we lost the piglets and turns out a neighbour found them on her property and captured them! Will pick them up today!

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