It didn’t seem that difficult, when Rob did it on the farm where he volunteered last year it went well, but here our herbs are not going as planned.

We decided to grow everything from seed to make sure it was organic. Thyme, rosemary, lavender – all plants way easier to grow from cuttings – are growing so slowly I can’t imagine we could have enough to sell anything this year. The annuals are easier to grow obviously but still we won’t have as much.

The hard thing is that the growing season here is much shorter than in Switzerland. We were used to planting already late February and planting out in April. Here, I planted all my cucumber and tomato seedlings in the hoop house we made and all the cucumbers are already dead. Had to buy more seeds and re-start all of them.

We had to decide to make this year a test year. We will plant batches of different kinds of herbs (if we have them and those that we planted actually grow) around the land. However, that means for sure no income this year and that we can’t get the business running. Even puts the whole dream in question. It’s only been a month though, we can’t give up already!

Cuddles in the hoop house – where the seedlings died
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