Upgraded our flock from four 2-year old chickens to eight. Four more of the same variety, Isa Brown, but 1 year-old and all molting. Eww, had chickens before, and over the winter, but they never molted. The poor things have most of their feathers gone. Everyone who comes by asks what is wrong with them. I’ve googled why some chickens molt and not others but can’t find an answer. Anyway, they are slowly growing feathers back when they aren’t being traumatised by dogs or sat on and pet by Klara. 

They are all pretty lucky though. Rob built them quite a big house in half the woodshed. He built a floor with chicken wire underneath, and a ceiling to protect and insulate the house in the winter. We made them a chicken run for when they need to stay protected (like when unloading the container and they couldn’t run everywhere) and decorated the front of the house with painted backs of chairs found in the garden. The project for my step-daughters when visiting for a month this summer is to paint the house a nice colour. 

Chickens are all good, just Eva, our half German Shepherd, half Border Collie, keeps trying to herd them or running into their house and eating their food. We need to keep her on a long leash in the driveway now every time we hear her chase the chickens. Poor thing but there is no choice. 

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