That is indeed the question right now. As we evaluate the Pros and Cons I cannot get this question out of my head. For good reason, giving birth is no walk in the park and I want to be in the most comfortable situation mentally and physically.

On the baby’s due date I’ll have only been back in Canada 2 months, therefore, still in the wait period to receive medical insurance (3 months). Swiss insurance won’t cover me and I read the details of my travel insurance, it will not cover birth either.

I read up on home birthing in Canada and was convinced this was a good solution. My gynecologist in Switzerland reassured me that based on my history there was nothing to fear. My midwife reassured me and said she would have everything at a home birth that she has at the hospital – including blood transfusions. Some people say that we do live far from the nearest hospital (40 minutes) and it is a risk but neighbors have done it without issue.

Then Rob decided he wasn’t comfortable with it. He had doubts and voiced them a few weeks ago. He doesn’t like being so far from the hospital, he doesn’t like that there are so many distractions here (escaping pigs, dogs barking, potentially Klara – even though my parents will be here to take her). I put a lot of pressure on him during the birth of Klara, he was my support and he exhausted himself doing everything possible for me, so I understand that he wants to also ensure that he is in the best state to help me.

I went to the hospital and was quoted $9’000 for the delivery (including my midwife cost since I won’t have a doctor but a midwife). That’s if I stay 24hrs: arriving after midnight! If I arrive at the hospital at 10pm one evening then it’ll be a 48hr stay, so $13’000. If there are complications, I don’t even want to think about it as I’ll need to pay that home birth or not. A home birth costs $1’350.

We have the money, that’s not the problem. The problem is that if there is no medical advantage, I would rather have that money for making our home and future nicer for the baby. I feel like in the hospital I’ll always have the cost of the thing in the back of my mind.

To avoid the hospital, my midwife suggested Airbnbs or hotels. The super nice hotel in town is no longer doing births since there was an incident 10 years ago and the other option is a motel that did not sound appealing. Then I wrote to 5 Airbnb houses in Nelson. Two replied saying they were comfortable. One was excited and got me excited, then she wrote me the following day saying she took another booking the same dates! It was an excuse, obviously she changed her mind and I don’t blame her. So, I booked the other positive answer. The place looks nice, not spectacular but I will bring my own sheets, towels, plastic covers for furniture, birthing ball and anything else I need so I can make the place comfortable. Also, the midwife gave me a list of things to buy. I am due May 27th and the Airbnb is booked May 25th to June 1st. If the baby comes after June 1st, I guess it’ll be hospital birth. So, I’ll have bought all that home birth stuff, visiting the Airbnb ahead of time, preparing myself mentally, for nothing!

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