It really is like living in a zoo. I mean, obviously with 13 animals and a toddler it was going to be nuts.

Timing is getting tight with the baby (less than 4 weeks) and we have no bed for Klara (since the baby will take hers), no changing table, no furniture in an entire room on the ground floor, and are missing things like lamps, rugs, etc. Since we finally decided on a home birth (Airbnb was a really crazy idea!) we need this place to be ready for a birth and a baby ASAP. Things around here take so long to acquire and are so expensive that Rob drove to IKEA today to get everything in one go. There are two possible IKEA locations, one 7.5hrs drive West (Vancouver) and one 7.5hrs drive East (Calgary). A closer drop-off point in Kelowna was no an option as the delivery would only be ready after my due date. The sofa we wanted was only available in Vancouver, so just wanting to get it over with, Rob left at 4am to Vancouver this morning, arrived at 12h, and will hopefully be home at midnight. Thankfully he is taking breaks.

So, today I have been in charge of all children and animals. Up at 5:00am when Klara woke up for the 3rd time in the night, just brought her in my bed. Up at 6:00am to let the dogs out. Up at 7:00am (not that I was sleeping between) to let the chickens and pigs out and feed them and walk Eva a little bit (our little puppy Summer doesn’t walk, she just hides all day wherever she finds a hiding place). Then breakfast with Klara. Fed the pigs and chickens again before leaving to town to spend the day with my sister at her place, some kind of fair, and lunch. Then back to the madness, feeding the dogs when I got home. Taking a light nap with Klara playing between my bed and the living room. Then walking Eva again, feeding the pigs again and putting them to bed. Spending time with Summer. Giving Klara dinner and a bath with the cat watching. Then putting the chickens to bed. And finally, figuring out why Eva is barking like mad outside – which turned out to be my neighbour and she invited me to a Buddhist chanting circle tomorrow. Now for a few hours of consulting work before bed. No time for gardening today.

It is a wonderful zoo, if you like that kind of thing!

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