That was not small feat! We had a pond in the back garden. Not only was it a hazard for small children to fall in but all the goldfish died over the winter so there was nothing much going on with it. Also, stagnant water is a breading ground for mosquitoes, which are crazy in the summer here. So, we decided to get rid of it.

I started emptying it by digging a trench for the water to flow out down the hill. Unfortunately, the pond was not deep enough for the goldfish to survive the winter but deep enough for it to be mega annoying to empty! The pond liner was covered in heavy rocks, the plants and water at the bottom were pretty gross, and filling it took days and days. Rob had to remove all the rocks and pull back the liner and then we decided to put in half sandpit and half herb garden.

After 5 bags of sand in the sand pit the bottom is hardly covered (luckily, or unluckily, a large portion of our land seems to be just sand, so we can sift out much more). On the other side, filling with garden debris, soil and four 85-112 L bags of purchased organic soil, still didn’t cover to the top either. At least the pond looks covered though. 

By far, the hardest part for me was the planting though. We put sunflower seeds in the back and calendula seeds in the front but wanted to transplant the chamomile to the middle. While Klara and Rob took a nap, after spending the morning looking through boxes and boxes of children’s clothes (only to realize we gave all our newborn clothes away and to need to buy more now), I tried to transplant all the seedlings into the middle of the pond. This of course without being able to step on the pond and with a gigantic belly weighing me down. What an awkward and uncomfortable experience but finally this project is done!

Hope some of these flowers and herbs grow now so we can make some nice tea soon!

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