Five minutes after publishing my last home birthing post, the phone rang. It was one of the midwives from the association that I am using. She talked about home birth and explained why I should really consider doing it at home, that the animals wouldn’t be a problem, that medically I shouldn’t be worried, that it would probably be a short birth and everything would be ok. I was convinced and Rob was convinced.

She said I needed to get ready ASAP. Next thing to do was make sure my parents would be here to take Klara to my sister’s place and stay there for labour; cancel the Airbnb; madly put together all the IKEA furniture; prepare the house; purchase everything on the super long list of things to have on hand at home (12 receiving blankets, 12 towels, large ziploc bags, cookie sheet, snacks, garbage bags, pads, gauze, birthing ball, etc.) and setup a home visit for the midwife.

I was feeling good. I was feeling relaxed because I can really picture this and feel so much more comfortable than I would going to hospital.

My midwife appointment for the home visit was May 9th at 2pm. That day the appointment was confirmed and then cancelled and carried to May 10th. On May 10th, again cancelled and moved to May 11th. On May 11th, cancelled and moved to May 12th! And today, cancelled again and moved to tomorrow. I actually cried yesterday when they cancelled 3rd time. Today I don’t even care anymore.

The midwife assures me that they will come tomorrow and says that if I was in labour they would have someone come immediately. Yeah, I hope so…

What a roller-coaster of emotions, just to figure out how to give birth.

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