Poor little Minette. “Saved” from the cat refuge in Switzerland last year by us and brought to Canada this year, that little kitty had no idea what was coming. 

Minette slept inside in Switzerland but we left her outside for weeks on end while on vacation. She lasted much longer than the other two cats we had adopted there – one running away after a week and the other dropping dead after a month (two apartment cats which had been given to us from friends moving to the Seychelles). I felt terrible for those two cats. As for the one that dropped dead, he had no injuries or anything. Minette on the other hand got stronger and stronger living with us and we felt that she was ready for Canada. 

Coming here, she stayed inside for 2.5 weeks but once she was outside she refused to sleep inside anymore (could be because the dogs sleep inside at night, even though she slept upstairs and they sleep downstairs).  But then she disappeared. Three nights away, not eating her food or coming by for the daily evening cuddle: we were worried. Then she showed up. Totally battered. She slept on the couch downstairs (which she would never do before – scared of the dogs) and finally went upstairs to the guest bedroom and slept under the duvet for 18 hours straight. Then she went outside again and now it has been 3 nights without her again. I am fearing the worst. 

I’ve been speaking to parents at Klara’s playgroup events and the stories are not reassuring. There is a playgroup somewhere every day of the week, within a 30min drive of our place, where I can take Klara for a few hours and there is no shortage of small talk for me while there. Today, two parents ended up being almost neighbours and had the bad stories. One told me that she had 5 alpacas and 4 were killed by a cougar one night. The cougar jumped the 1.8m fence, killed the alpacas and dragged them back over the fence! The cougar was killed by conservation officers afterwards. A second cougar was killed by the elementary school after days and days of the children not being allowed outside to play during school. Also hearing stories of coyotes, bears and raccoons. 

Obviously, Minette wouldn’t have come home after a cougar or bear attack but just hoping she recovered out there on her own. My deepest hope is that she came in to sleep the 18hours and then turned into the Punisher and went back out to hunt the animal who attacked her. And that she won. 


EDIT: 5 days later Minette finally came home! Looking scarier than I could imagine, missing the fur below her ear and with a permanent angry expression. The good thing is she is cuddling and jumping and overall looks to be healthy. She has just indeed become the Punisher. 

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