Whoever said that writing a blog, consulting, taking care of a newborn, taking care of a toddler, building a social life in a new place, and running a farm wouldn’t be easy (and that was pretty much everybody I know) wasn’t lying. It is indeed a challenge. I have a two week old baby and I am prepping for an interview for a second consulting contract in two days. It is nearly midnight and I just took a quick shower after finishing laundry and Rob is still downstairs finishing off the jam that we were making tonight with the kilos of strawberries that are growing in the garden. We froze strawberries, fed them to all the neighbors we had over last night as a little get together to introduce Sam, and have now made two batches of jam, a batch of syrup and two batches of strawberry muffins. In addition to Klara eating them constantly too. Although, Klara is such a help in picking them that her eating as much as she can take (or even me eating so many) isn’t putting a dent in the amount we are harvesting. 

We have so many projects ongoing but they are being overrun by this damned pool! I’ve spent countless hours trying to clean the pool (figuring out how to setup the vacuum, putting chemicals in, vacuuming, putting more chemicals, waking up in the night and running outside to turn off the filter because I can’t sleep knowing how much electricity that thing it consuming!). Rob built a fence around it which took a while too, once we figured out how we should build it. In general, pools are such a complete waste of resources but now that we’ve invested so much in this one I at least want to enjoy it. Rob’s daughters are arriving in a few weeks too and the whole experience here for a 8 and 9 year old is considerably different with a pool.

Other projects were building raised beds: buying the wood and treating it, digging out all the plants from the hoop house beside the pig field to access the sand, carrying up the sand from the field in a wheelbarrow, buying soil and peat moss, etc. to fill the raised bed, building the bed. Then finally planting the beds.

We’ve also started work on the deck. With my mom here for two weeks it was a huge huge help and she actually helped with projects around the house too. I would wake up from a nap and she had scraped old paint off the deck so I could treat the wood. In addition to taking care of the kids and cooking and cleaning up. Completely amazing. I am trying to keep on top of things since she left, hence the title of the blog post – farm life never sleeps. The work has now taken the place of my nap. With a newborn feeding every 2 hours minimum, although Sam is an angel who sleeps well and hardly ever cries, he likes to be held always and I do need to be up half the night feeding him.

It is so fun though!!!

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