This is Summer. The chickens peck at her enough that she would never hurt them. They even eat her food and she runs away.

Just when things were calming down before the baby. I was taking a nap and Rob comes into the bedroom with an awful look on his face. He had gone outside to find Eva lying on the ground, a chicken on her paws and Eva licking it. Oh, and the chicken was ripped open with a leg over her shoulder! Rob ran to yell at Eva and as Eva ran off the other chickens came to peck at their friend. They started with the yolk of the egg that was inside her… great friends!

We weren’t sure if Eva killed her. Innocent until proven guilty and all. But there was no way a hawk came down with Eva and Summer outside and no other animal could have gotten in there either. I googled it and wrote to the dog training school nearby, both sources said it was most likely Eva playing with the chicken and accidentally killing it. 

Then there was the matter of what to do with this dead, ripped open chicken. We weren’t going to eat it and couldn’t give it to Eva. We googled again if we could give it to the pigs. Apparently yes, so the pigs got their treat. 

That evening, as I was putting the pigs to bed (giving them some last food and closing the door to their house) I noticed that the head and throat and both wings of the chicken were lying on the ground near the pig house. Not wanting to attract bears or other animals to the pigs, I had to pick them up and get rid of them. So, I walked all the way to the river with the dogs and threw the head and wings in. 

Now Eva has to stay on a leash whenever we aren’t outside with her. We asked the dog trainer for a private lesson at the farm for tips but the trainer mentioned a method involving tying a dead chicken to Eva’s neck! Ew!

Her personality did not change a bit after she was spayed. A week later she was back outside harassing those poor chickens.

EDIT: Eva has since killed another chicken! I didn’t put her on the leash one day since I thought Rob was taking her for a walk. We were sitting inside with my sister and nephew talking and I forgot about the walk. Then my sister left and about an hour later Rob goes outside to find Eva chewing on a poor chicken’s neck. The chicken was still alive and apparently he could see the heart beating inside the open chicken. My nephew was in for a treat as he then witnessed Rob chop the head off the chicken and feed it to the pigs. We couldn’t eat this one either as it was probably full of Eva’s bacteria – and she eats all the chicken and dog poo outside so she has tons of bacteria. She has been spayed since but that changed nothing. Eva is a hunting dog and now needs to be on a leash whenever we aren’t outside or the chickens aren’t in bed. Luckily we are outside a lot and she sleeps outside now so gets to run around at night. However, we are down to 6 chickens…

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