Billy & Bobby: looking so innocent in their new little house

EVERY SINGLE DAY those little piglets escape! Keeping them in the house the first day and a half, electric fencing inside the metal fencing, scattering the food, nothing seems to work. I am pretty relaxed about it because they always come home in the evening but Rob sweats through his shirt at the thought of them escaping. It’s true, having them dig up someone’s garden would be awful, luckily nothing is planted yet in people’s gardens though. They seem to know the area more than us who have already planted and had all our cucumber and zucchini seedlings die in the hoop house.

The pigs are super cute and do sleep quite a bit but they are obsessed with running away and exploring. Yesterday they were gone for 5 hours! We searched but it was the day the container was arriving so we couldn’t look for long. Even looking with Eva, our dog, doesn’t help. She sniffs but never finds them. She does warn us half the time though as she is in the driveway and can see them running away.

Today’s project was reusing the old metal pieces from the roof that we had to have replaced as a base layer to the metal fence. I helped carry some but mostly Rob had to carry the super long pieces down the to pig field and drill them in place. Our neighbour told us cardboard could stop the pigs escaping but that will just melt in the rain. She says that it will help if the pigs can’t see where they are going, then they won’t try to escape. Hope it works!

All this for them to dig up a field, Once they’ve dug it up and we need to move them, we can only hope the electric fence works better. It is a poultry fence with a solar battery, cost us $1000. It better work!

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