Cough, Cold, Flu Herbs


Including a description sheet of each of the herbs, this assortment of 8g packs of Thyme, Elderberry, Anise Hyssop and Whole leaf Sage will allow you to mix and match different herbs to make infusions to help with the various symptoms of coughs, colds and the flus.

“[Elderberry] is most famous for [its] ability to shorten the duration of the flu,” (De la Foret, Rosalee. alchemy of Herbs. Hay House, Inc., 2017)

“Thyme is used for acute and chronic respiratory affections, including coughs and colds.” (Tierra, Michael. the way of Herbs. Pocket Books, 1998)

Other herbs good for the first stages of a cold, flu and fever are Lemon Balm, Elderflower, Yarrow and Mint.

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Includes 8g of each of the following:
Thyme, Elderberry, Anise Hyssop, Whole leaf Sage


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